Friday, July 26, 2013


HÅLE' : root, to root

Meggai hale'-ña i trongkon nunu.  The banyan tree has many roots.

Håfa hale'-ña ayo na finiho?  What is the root of that word?

Giya Malesso' nai gaige i hale'.  The roots (of a family) are in Malesso'.

Tingo' i hale'-miyo!  Know your roots!

Agupa' bai fanhåle' dågo.  Tomorrow I will root up yams.

Båba yanggen måtto mågi i babue sa' siempre ha håle' i tinanom-ho.  It's bad if the pig comes here because he will surely uproot my plant.

Halion.  Able to be uprooted.

Kao halion ayo na trongko?  Can that tree be uprooted?

Mehlele.  Having abundant roots.  A contraction of mi (abundant) and håle'.

Mi + håle' = mehlele.

There is a series of publications on the biographies of prominent people in our local history called "I Hale'-ta Series."

Some Austronesian languages have similar-sounding words for "root" like:




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