Tuesday, July 2, 2013



Hon. Madeleine Bordallo and daughter Debbie in front of the Guam Academy of Music and Arts (GAMA).  I remember hearing the sound of the piano and dance teachers loudly giving instructions coming out of the windows.

Paco de la Cruz also ran a travel agency from this building.  I remember the logo he had, either on a sign or a poster, near the entrance : Cruise with Cruz, or something along those lines.

Back in the late 70s, there also used to be a Korean restaurant in the little section in between the main GAMA building and the neighboring "PanAm" building.  I hung out at the Guam Legislature across the street every afternoon in the late 70s, either as a student employee or political volunteer in those days.  They would play classical music to accompany my Korean food.  That's where I fell in love with chapchae for the first time.

The building displaying the PanAm sign has had many lives over the years.  I think the Trust Territory headquarters were here for awhile, if I remember my mother's comment correctly.  She worked for the TT for a bit.  In 1978, it was the campaign HQ for the Calvo-Ada gubernatorial team.  I seem to remember Charles Troutman's Compiler of Laws office being in this building, too.


Today the GAMA building is the Emporium store.  The small section sandwiched between the two larger buildings is a private residence, I think, judging from the look of it when I passed by one time recently and saw an elderly Asian man looking out from what appeared to be his living room.  The once PanAm building is now the Padre Pio Catholic book store.

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