Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Sports was big on Guam, especially after the war when there was not much else to do in leisure time.  Here are the words of Monsignor Oscar Calvo to his parishioners in Inalåhan in 1947 about a volleyball match between his people and another parish.

På'go gi talo'åne para u fan bola i taotao Holy Name Inalåhan kontra i taotao Holy Name Santa Rita volleyball giya Santa Rita.
(Today at noon the members of the Inalåhan Holy Name will play volleyball against the members of the Santa Rita Holy Name at Santa Rita.)

Para u fan hånao i taotao-ta para ayo na lugåt.
(Our people will go to that place.)

Ta desesea na u maolek todo i che'cho'-ñiha ya u fan måtto mågi siha i manmangånna.
(We wish that all they do will be well and they will come here the winners.)

Fatta na man maolek hit na man "Good Sports."
(Show that we are good at being "Good Sports.")

Nihi todos ta nå'e ånimo ya ta gånna este na huego ya u ta fan måtto mågi man "Champion."
(Let's all give it our best and win this game and come here the "Champion.")


Holy Name.  Was a Catholic men's association, found in every parish at the time.

Fatta.  Means "to show forth, display, exhibit" which then took on the connotation of "bragging, showing off."  But Monsignor Calvo means here the original sense of "showing forth."

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