Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Åntes de un fåtto guihe,
esta hao gaige guine.

(Before you arrive there,
you are already here.)

This journey into the illogical was simply nåna's way of saying : make it fast.

Grandma is making latiya and ran out of carnation milk. 

She yells, "Antonio!  Chule' este na salåppe' ya un falak i tenda ya un fahåne yo' carnation milk!"

"Antonio!  Take this money and go to the store and buy me carnation milk!"

Little Antonio takes the money and heads out the door. 

Then, he hears, "Åntes de un fåtto guihe, esta hao gaige guine!"

Antonio scratches his head and looks at the floor.  Then scampers off.

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