Thursday, July 25, 2013


Dos na tanores eståba gi gima'yu'us mañeñetbe gi Sånta Misa.
(Two altar boys were in church serving Mass.)

Chume'lo i dos, ya eståba si nanan-ñiha lokkue' gi gima'yu'us na humohosme gue' Misa.
(The two were brothers, and their mother was also at church hearing Mass.)

Mampos frihon i uno, ya sige de ha na' chålek i otro gi durånten i Misa.
(One was a real comedian and kept making the other one laugh during Mass.)

Kada råto ha a'atan buñuelos i uno guato gi otro na tanores ni che'lu-ña..
(Every other moment the one would make faces at the other altar boy, his brother.)

Si Påle' ha gof pasiensiåye i dos, lao måtto gi lalålo' i Sånto Bendito annai esta kalan a'gang diddide' i burukan-ñiha i dos na tanores.
(The priest was very patient with the two, but the priest finally got angry when the noise of the two altar boys was getting a little loud.)

Pumåra si Påle' ha sångan i Misa; tumalak guato gi dos na tanores.
(The priest stopped saying Mass; he turned towards the two altar boys.)

Ya gi me'nan todo i taotao, si Påle' ha sangåne i dos na tanores,
(And in front of all the people, the priest told the two altar boys,)

"Håfa guaha, na ti siña hamyo na dos mamatkilo?"
(What's up, that the two of you can't keep quiet?")

Ai, despues de Misa, sen lalalo' i nanan i dos na tanores.
(Oh, after Mass, the mother of those two altar boys was very mad.)

"Håfa, låssas anite!  En na' mamåhlao yo' gi me'nan Påle'!  Ii mohon ya siña hu na' ma preso hamyo!"
("What, devil's skin!  You embarrassed me in front of Father! If only I could you put in jail!")

Ha konne' i dos chume'lo ya ha kastiga siha.
(She took the two brothers and punished them.)

Ha na' fanånom i dos chume'lo trongkon chotda gi tatten i gima'-ñiha.
(She made them plant banana trees behind their house.)

Ya asta på'go na ha'åne, siña ha' un li'e i trongkon chotda siha gi tatten i gima'-ñiha.
(And to this day, you can still see the banana trees behind their house.)

Guiya este na påle' i fiho ha sångan gi tinayuyot-ña gi annai tiempon atulai,
(This priest is the one who often said in his prayers when it is mackerel season,)

"Asaina!  Na' fan bula na atulai på'go na tiempo!"
("Lord!  Make an abundance of mackerel this season!")

"Na' fan mangonne' i peskadot siha meggagai na atulai!"
("Make the fishermen catch plenty mackerel!")

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