Saturday, March 31, 2012

UMA : to carry on one's shoulder

Ha uma i piao asta ke måtto gi lancho.  S/he shouldered the bamboo till s/he got to the ranch.

Uma fan para un råto.  Carry (it) please for a short while.

Inima.  What is being shouldered.

Meggai esta inimåmå-mo.  You are carrying a lot already.  You have enough burdens.

Håfa ennao i un u'uma?  What is that you are carrying?

Umåye.  To carry something for someone.

Kao malago' ya bai hu umåye hao?  Would you like me to carry it for you?

***Pale' Roman's 1932 dictionary says uma means "to carry," not exclusively on one's shoulders.  He gives an example of someone carrying something on one's tummy!  Our more recent Chamorro dictionaries limit uma  to carrying on one's shoulders.  Languages evolve.  On their own.  All the time.

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