Sunday, March 11, 2012


When I was a kid, families would send their children house-to-house in the village selling treats they made at home.  It could be påstet (turnovers), buchi buchi (fried turnovers), buñuelos (donuts) but, most of all, empanåda.

Really good empanåda had crispy edges, but not the whole shell was hard to the bite.  The filling was moist, with the taste of toasted rice.  You wouldn't find chunks of chicken, but rather strings of chicken meat.  And the filling was a bit pika (spicy).

Empanåda is definitely an imported food with Mexican roots, what with the corn, tortilla and achote ingredients.  Although empanåda versions span the Hispanic world, with even Filipino varieties (some called empanaditas, or "small empanadas"), I've never seen the Chamorro version anywhere else.  Have you?

Here's just one of many cooking videos for Chamorro Empanåda

Young boys and girls going up and down the village streets selling Chamorro snacks almost every day of the week : Tåya esta!  No more!

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  1. In Mexico they make PASTES in the state of HIDALGO. It is like PASTIT in Guam. I wonder if they made other types of PASTIT in Guam before. It seems they only make pumpkin flavor now. Same with the BUCHI BUCHI. In Mexico you can find PASTES FRITOS of all types.