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This standard Chamorro hymn is based on the Spanish "Amante Jesús mío."  The words are totally penitential and written for Lent.

The Spanish original : "Amante Jesús mío / oh cuánto te ofendí / perdona mi extravío / y ten piedad de mí."  Oh Jesus my Love / oh how much have I offended Thee / pardon my waywardness / and have mercy on me.

You can hear in the Spanish versions that the hymn is sung slightly differently from the Chamorro.  There are even tiny differences between the Guam version and the Saipan version.

Chamorro Version

Asaina Jesukristo / sen Yu'us yan taotao
asi'e yo' Jesus-ho / sa' hu gofli'e hao (twice).

Haye siña un li'e / gi Santos Kilu'us?
Makakana' gi lilok / i sen Lahen Yu'us!
Mañotsot gef mañotsot / pinite yo' mampos
sa' i inisague-ko / i mames as Jesus.

English Translation of the Chamorro

Lord Jesus Christ / true God and true man
have mercy on me, my Jesus / because I love Thee.

Who can you see on the holy cross?
Hanging by nails / the true Son of God!
Totally repentant / I am exceedingly sorrowful
because I have sinned against / the sweet Jesus.

Traducción Española del Chamorro

Señor Jesucristo / verdadero Dios y hombre
Ten piedad de mí, Jesús mío / porque te quiero.

A quién puedes ver en la Santa Cruz?
Pendiente con clavos / ¡el verdadero Hijo de Dios!
Me arrepiento completamente / lo siento de veras
porque he ofendido / al dulce Jesús.

Although originally meant for Lent, the Chamorro version is often sung at funerals, which also have - traditionally - a penitential flavor.

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