Tuesday, March 6, 2012


March 6, 1521

As far as we know, Magellan was the first European to lay eyes on our islands.  But which island did he actually land at?  He himself didn't know.  How could he?  What maps of these islands did he have?  None.  The reports of those on board mention seeing several islands. 

So, it's all due to tradition that we say Magellan landed at Humåtak.  Well, if we don't know for sure, we need to choose one place.  Otherwise, we'd be having re-enactments and festivals happening at several places.  With the price of gas today, that's too much driving around.

In Humåtak, they've got a mini-Spanish ship ready for the re-enactment.

The pre-war Magellan monument in Humåtak put up by the American government to mark where Magellan landed.  Maybe.

Our mañaina didn't know of any Ferdinand Magellan.

They knew of Fernando de Magallanes.  Magellan's Spanish name.  Even though Magellan was Portuguese and his original name was Fernão de Magalhães.

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