Sunday, March 11, 2012


In 1897, there was an elderly man in Hagåtña named Jose Aguilar de Cárdenas.  He was in his 50s and married to Maria Quitugua.  He also had a brother Nicolás.

Jose must have occupied some municipal position, as he was called "Don Jose" in the Census of 1897.

But Jose and Maria apparently had nothing but daughters, so the Cárdenas name was not to last in the Marianas, though the blood of Jose runs through the veins of his grandchildren who had the last names Salas and Cruz.

There was also a Rosa Torres Cárdenas, who was married to Ignacio Blas Perez.  And an old widow named Luisa Cárdenas Quitugua.  So, at one time, there was a Cárdenas family on Guam, but it has since disappeared.  Any Cárdenas living on Guam today is more than likely someone who moved to Guam in the last fifty years or so.

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