Friday, March 16, 2012

SIÑA : able, possible

Kao siña?  Is it possible?

Siña ha'.  It is certainly possible.

Kao siña hao?  Can you?

Ti siña yo'.  I cannot.

Ti siña.  It can't (be done, happen).

Ti siña ma baba.  It can't be opened.

Ti siña ma sångan.  It can't be said.

Ti sumiña.  S/he wasn't able.

Kao siña hao manaitai?  Can you read?

Na' siña.  To make possible.

Ti hu na' siña.  I wasn't able to make it happen.

Sisiña.  Ability.  Power.

Ennao ha' sisiñå-ña.  That's all s/he can (could) do.

I sisiñan i tataotao.  The ability of the body.

Nina' siña.  Power, ability.

Bula nina' siñå-ña.  S/he has great power.

Todo ha' ha na' siña na Yu'us.  Almighty God.

Taimano na chinaddek nai siña.  As fast as possible.

From the Creed in Chamorro

Maså'pet gi papa' i sisiñan Ponsio Pilåto.  He suffered under the power of Pontius Pilate.

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