Saturday, March 3, 2012



This photo was taken sometime in the 1960s.  This was the heart of Guam, with the Administration Building in the upper part of the photo still the site of the Governor's Chambers.  Pedro's Plaza (where the AG is now) has not been built yet.  The Cathedral stands in its original form, without the additional wings added later.  The rector of the Cathedral had his offices and living quarters in a small, temporary structure immediately behind the Cathedral.  The Academy and Cathedral Grade School are still using temporary structures in addition to the permanent, two-storeyed building which still stands today.  What we call the PDN Building (officially the DNA Building now) was not built yet, and one can see the commercial buildings that are no more, for the most part.  Notice, too, how one could still drive one's car onto the Plaza de España by the arches.


It's impossible for me to replicate the photo from the 60s, as it was taken, no doubt, from the vantage point of a plane or helicopter, which I can't afford on my (non-existent) salary.  So, from the DNA Building we can see something of what that shot looks like today.  An expanded Cathedral.  The Academy's gym.  A more wooded Plaza.

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