Sunday, December 18, 2011

Matåtå'chong i nene gi sofå.
The baby is sitting on the sofa.

FATÅ'CHONG : to sit

Tå'chong means "seat."  Fa' means "to make."  Fa' + tå'chong = fatå'chong.  To make something a seat by actually sitting on it!

Fatå'chong pot fabot!  Please sit down!  (When speaking to one or two people)

Fanmatå'chong pot fabot!  Please sit down!  (When speaking to three or more people)

Bai hu fatå'chong.  I will sit down.

Kao siña yo' matå'chong guennao?  Can I sit there?

Ti malago' matå'chong.  S/he doesn't want to sit.

O'son yo' matå'chong.  I am tired of sitting.

Matåtå'chong si Pedro gi halom kosina.  Pedro is sitting in the kitchen.

Manmatåtå'chong i estudiånte siha.  The students are sitting.

Na' fatå'chong.  To make sit.

Na' fatå'chong gue' gi sanhiyong.  Make him/her sit down outside.

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