Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lately we've been experiencing what is typically known as "Christmas weather."

Windy, dry.  No rain, less humidity.  Cooler.  Sunny.  Månnge'!

Just the kind of weather you want for outside activities, like taking the niño all around the village.

I've heard people even call this wind Månglo' Krismas.  Christmas Wind.

This is the start of the dry season.  Fañomnagan.  FAN + SOMNAK + AN.  Somnak means "sunny."

It was getting pretty rainy late in the year last week.  But one man, who lives in the south right by a river, says that it takes the river nine times to overflow before the rainy season (fanuchånan) ends.  The river overflowed for the ninth time last week.  Yay!

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