Saturday, December 31, 2011


From Saipan, we get our one and only traditional Chamorro New Year's song, taught to the people of Saipan by the German Capuchins who were there from 1907-1919.

Ta fan magof todos / mientras man lålå'la' hit
ta nå'e mit gråsias / i muna' fanhuyong hit.
Esta måtto i nuebo / na såkkan ni para hita
ta propone de nuebo / umarekla i ha'ani-ta.
Ta fan magof todos...

(Let us all rejoice while we are still living
let's give a thousand thanks to the one who created us.
The New Year has come already to us,
let us propose once again to reform our lives.)

Jesus Yu'us-måme / gi nuebo na såkkan
gai'ase' nu hame / apåtta i daño.
Nå'e nu i deskånso / i man gaige esta gi naftan
yan guåha sea kåso måtai na såkkan.

(Jesus, our God, in the New Year
have mercy on us, remove what is harmful.
Give rest to those already in the grave
and on those who may die this year.)

Ta fan magof todos...

Fan adesea de nuebo / ginen i korason-miyo
felis na åño nuebo / todo i ha'ånen-miyo.

(Wish each other once again from your hearts
a Happy New Year all your lives.)

Ta fan magof todos...

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