Friday, December 23, 2011


Having the nobena outdoors, in the garage or under a pålapåla (a covered deck), is a great idea.   More people can attend the nobena outdoors than indoors.  It is usually cooler than indoors, if held at night. What's the use of indoor air-conditioning if the living room has 50 people crammed in it for the nobena?.

In addition, an outdoor nobena is a great way of evangelizing others, like the irreligious neighbor or passerby.

As seen in the video, the only thing is the family ga'lågo (dog) might want to join the nobena, but you just have to react to this the Chamorro way.  What is that?

Look at what the women do in the video clip.  Give the ga'lågo brief attention.   Look at it or swoosh it away for no more than 3 seconds. Then pretend it's not even there. That's how Chamorros deal with wandering ga'lågo.

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