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The Guzmans do not appear in the 1727 Census but they do appear in the 1758 Census.  To confuse us, though, they appear in both the Spanish list and the Filipino (Pampanga) list.

The name, of course, is Spanish.  But, even so, the name is believed to be of German origin.  Germanic tribes (the Vandals and Goths) moved into Spain in the 400s AD.  Guzman is believed to be from the German words for "good" and "man."  Goodman=Guzman.  Remember John Goodman, the actor?  If he was Chamorro, he would be Juan Guzman.

On Guam in 1758, there is one Eleuterio de Guzman, a soldier in the Spanish company.  Whether he was from Spain, Mexico, Peru or what have you, is anybody's guess.  He was married to Francisca de Castro.  They had several sons; more than enough to get a family going for a few generations.

But there is also a Pampanga soldier named Domingo de Guzman in the same census, married to Manuela Domingo.  They have no children listed, but maybe they did have offspring after the census was completed.

The Guzmans started in Hagåtña but a few moved eventually to Sumay and grew, such that when one hears Guzman nowadays one wonders if they are from Santa Rita (where the Sumay people moved after the war).


Ramon Guzman and Rufina Santos of Hagåtña moved to Sumay.  Their son Vicente Santos Guzman married Manuela Campos Santos and had many children.

Also living in Sumay was Juan Santos Guzman, maybe a son of Ramon and Rufina as well.  He married Agueda Dueñas.

There was also in Sumay one Antonio Guzman, married to Dolores de la Concepcion.


Two brothers, quite elderly by 1897, moved from Hagåtña to Malesso'.  They were Pedro Lizama Guzman (married to Maria Diaz Cruz) and Serafin Lizama Guzman (married to Maria Quinene Eguiguan).


Most of the Guzmans living in Hagåtña in 1897 were women.  Some of them married into the Borja, Sablan, Untalan, Toves, Cruz, Mesa and Mendiola families.

But there were two male Guzmans with families in the capital city.  Juan Guzman was married to Luisa Mendiola and had a little boy in 1897.  Francisco Guzman was married to Juana Diaz and their son Francisco had a family of his own.

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