Friday, September 16, 2011

HÅSPOK : full (satiated; full stomach)

Håspok yo'.  I am full.

Kao håspok hao?  Are you full?

Ei na hinåspok yo'!  Boy am I full!

Na' håspok.  Satisfying, capable of making one full.

Ti na' håspok i aga'.  Bananas don't make one full.

Håspok can, in fact, be used figuratively or poetically to denote emotional satisfaction.

Na' håspok yo' minagof!  Make me full of happiness!

Håspok yo' pinite.  I am more than full of pain.

Here's a saying that is true enough :

Puti ñålang; puti håspok.

The tummy hurts when it's hungry; it hurts when it's full.

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