Thursday, September 15, 2011


Guåha ga'-ho galagito / si Menggåno i na'ån-ña;
ti manlili'e sa' båtchet / ti manhuhungok sa' tangnga.

I have a pet puppy / Menggano is his name;
he doesn't see because he's blind / he doesn't hear because he's deaf.

Gof na'masi si Menggåno, no?

In Chamorro, you don't say "I have a dog" or "I have a cat."  You say "There is my animal dog" or "my animal cat" or whatever animal you may have.  Gå'ga' means "animal," but when it becomes someone's possession, gå'ga' becomes ga'Ga'-ho, "my animal."  Ga'-mo, "your animal."

Galagito.  A Chamorro word transformed in a Spanish way. Ga'lågo (literally, "animal from the direction of the sea" because dogs came with the European ships) takes on the Spanish diminutive -ito.  Any word changed to -ito makes it a smaller thing.  Galagito means "small ga'lågo" or "puppy."

Menggåno is also Spanish; it isn't a real name.  It is one way of calling someone "so-and-so," or "what's his name."

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