Thursday, September 1, 2011


Down to about 35 on the whole island of Guam!
According to the poster above, you can be awarded $1000 for reporting fanihi hunting.

Listen to US Fish & Wildlife Service agent Emily Sablan talk about the current situation of Guam's fanihi, or fruit bat.

The Chamorro word fanihi is related to the word for "bat" in many Austronesian languages.  The word for "bat," for example, is paniki in more than one Filipino dialect, and is paniki in the dialects of Sulawesi, Indonesia, where it is also eaten as a delicacy.
The Welcome Sign of the Town of Paniqui in the Philippines has a nice bat (or paniki) on it to remind us that their word for bat and our word fanihi come from the same Austronesian roots.

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