Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Luta (Rota) under the Spanish had its own mayor (alcalde) as well as a district leader (gobernadorcillo, or "little governor").  Every two years (by the late 1800s) the principal men of the community (principales) would vote for a gobernadorcillo, but the vote was purely consultative.  The Governor of the Marianas selected the man.  The priest also put in his opinion, which was not always followed.

In 1893, the electors were Julian Borja Songao, Gregorio Jocog Mangloña, Mariano Inos Mangloña, Leocadio Jocog Taimañao, Vicente Jocog Mangloña, Benito Angoco Atalig, Mariano Maratita Ayuyu, Francisco Taisacan Mangloña, Braulio Songao Mangloña, Pedro Cruz Taitano, Domingo Maratita Ayuyu and Castulo Jocog Mangloña.  Jose Blas Mendiola was the outgoing gobernadorcillo.

Vicente Jocog Mangloña got the most votes and was also endorsed by the priest.  He was the one selected by the Governor.

If your name was Songao, Mangloña, Inos, Jocog, Taimañao, Atalig, Maratita, Ayuyu or Taisacan, you had roots in Luta.  If you were a Borja, Angoco, Taitano, Mendiola - you were either born on Guam or had a parent that was.


  1. Most of the names here are on my family tree. Also, these men were given the title "Don" by the Spaniards.

    01. Benito Angoco Atalig=Brigida Mangloña Masga (My great, great grandparents)

    02. Julian Borja Songao=Barvara Kikanai Mesngon (Parents in-law of my my paternal grandfather's sister Encarnacion Mendiola Manglona-Songao. Wife of their son Francisco)

    03. Gregorio Jocog Manglona=1st Maria Songao=2nd Marcela Masga (Gregorio was my paternal great, great grandmother Ana Mangloña-Mendiola's 2nd cousin)

    04. Leocadio Jocog Taimanao=Apolonia de Leon Guerrero (parents in-law of my paternal great grandfather's brother, Francisco Mendiola Mangloña. Husband of their daughter Alejandra)

    05. Braulio Songao Mangloña=Maria Mangloña (Braulio was my paternal great, great grandmother Ana Mangloña-Mendiola's stepfather)

    *Vernon Lee Inos Mangloña

  2. Continued:
    06. Jose Blas Mendiola=Maria Taimanao (Familian Damoa----parents-in-law of my paternal great grandfather Vicente Mangloña from his first wife Carmen)

    *Vernon-Lee Inos Mangloña

  3. I wonder who was Mariano Inos Mangloña.... Could he by any chance be related to my great grandfather Patricio Taisacan Inos or related to me through the Mangloña side?

    *Vernon-Lee Inos Mangloña

    1. Correction. My great grandfather Patricio Inos did not have a middle name because he was an illegitimate child. His biological father was a Taisacan.