Friday, September 2, 2011


Eståba yo' Hagåtña gi ma'pos na Såbalo annai hu li'e na ma na' tatachu ta'lo i button i Sånto Påpa as Juan Pablo Segundo.  Unos kuåntos meses tåtte ma konne' i butto guato para Bangkok para u ma fa' maolek.

Estague' si Sånto Påpa annai esta monhåyan ma na' tachu gi sagå-ña. 

I was at the Papal Mass which Blessed Pope John Paul offered on this very spot on February 23, 1981.  I was a seminarian and about to turn 19 years old.  I was tasked to drive some dignitaries to the airport and was told to proceed onto the tarmac.  Then I was told to line up with the other drivers and a few others.  Then the Pope's limousine pulled up and the Pope got out and shook the hands of all of us standing in line - about 50 of us.

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