Friday, September 2, 2011

Listen to this sweet song here :

Or here :

Hu hanaogue hao masetan flores, nene,
yan kontodo i fondon korason-ho.
Sa' pot håfa nene nai sige de un eskusa hao?
Ai sa' buente guåha ha' otro.

Ti un hasso guihe na puenge gi annai humihita na dos,
ya sige de ta sångan estorian guinaiya?

(I sent you, darling, a floral bouquet,
along with the bottom of my heart.
Why, darling, do you keep excusing yourself?
Oh, perhaps there is another.

Don't you remember that night when we were together,
and we kept on telling stories of love?)

***"Hu hanaogue" should be "Hu na' hanaogue hao..."

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