Friday, September 9, 2011



In the late 60s and early 70s, if you wanted to say that something was lousy among us kids on Guam, the word to use was suki.

Your new toy is suki.  Your bag is suki.  Your shoes are suki.

We said it all the time at Saint Francis School in Yoña, where I went to school from 1968-1974.  Among us kids, I mean.  Never in front of the teachers.

In the 3rd grade I asked my grandma or her sisters what suki meant.  They told me never, ever to say that again.  I found out later it's a genuine Chamorro word, for a certain type of venereal disease.  How kids in the 60s ever made that a slang word for lousy is beyond me.

Like a lot of slang from the 70s (brown, bogart, mullert), suki has disappeared from the mouths of the man hoben.

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