Friday, September 30, 2011


Citrus nobilis

We've been getting BAGS and BAGS of lalanghita in the past couple of weeks.  This year they seem to be so much more juicy and tasty.

Safford says that the fruit was of recent introduction to Guam when he was writing in the early 1900s.  He said that several trees of it were growing in the garden of the home of Don José Herrero in the barrio of San Ramon in Hagåtña.

He also says that it was called "kåhet na dikkike'" (small orange) by the Chamorros.  Lalanghita comes from the Spanish naranjita, or "small orange," as naranja is Spanish for "orange."  The letter R was always a problem for our mañaina so they substituted it with an L.  And some Spanish words beginning with N were also changed in Chamorro to L.  For example, our word latiya comes from the Spanish natilla, which means "little cream" or "custard."  Filipinos also have their own modification of the Spanish name of this fruit, calling it dalanghita.

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