Monday, July 23, 2012


MAMES : sweet

Kao mames?  Is it sweet?

Hunggan, mames.  Yes, it's sweet.

Mames na nåna.  Sweet mother.

Minames.  Sweetness.

Kao nahong minames-ña?  Is it sweet enough? (Literally, "Is its sweetness sufficient?")

Ei na minames!  My but how sweet!

Sa' pot i minames-mo.  Because of your sweetness.

Hågo minames-ho.  You are my sweetness.

Pinat mames.  Overly sweet.

Na' mames.  To make sweet.

Na' mames i kuentos-mo.  Make your speech sweet.

Fina' mames.  Dessert.

Mamise.  To be sweet towards someone or something.

Ya-ña manmamise taotao.  S/he likes to be sweet towards people.

Na' mamise.  To make sweet for another.

Na' mamise yo' ni kafe.  Make my coffee sweet. (Literally, "Make sweet for me the coffee.")

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