Monday, July 23, 2012


Chamorros can be great teasers, even though we can also be very sensitive.

I first heard this type of song about fifteen years ago.  You can throw in any village or island you want, the jabs remain the same.  I even asked him to take a stab at my home village, Sinajaña.

One of his verses goes,

Bula guaka bula toro (Plenty cows, plenty bulls)
Dededo i man modoro. (Dededo the not-so-bright).


Bula titiyas bula fadang (Plenty tortillas, plenty federico nut)
Sinajaña man pao sadang. (Sinajaña, well, smells be as inoffensive as possible...the bathroom).

Another verse goes like this (not sung here, but from the first time I heard it sung)

Puro ha' suni yan chandiha (it's all taro and watermelon)
i famalao'an man pao biha. (the ladies smell like old women).

Yes, great kidders....

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