Friday, July 27, 2012

Design of the Guam Flag and Seal approved by Governor Roy Smith on July 4, 1917

I have heard and read that the cliffline seen in this Seal is Two Lovers' Point.  Puntan Dos Amåntes.  I have my doubts.

The little river or brook that you see flowing out to sea by the lone coconut tree was in Hagåtña, so the cliffline in the background is what can be seen from Hagåtña.  One cannot see Two Lovers' Point from Hagåtña.  The Oka peninsula blocks Hagåtña's view of Two Lovers' Point.  Otherwise, we'd be able to see all the Tumon hotels from Hagåtña.
Oka Peninsula blocks Hagåtña's view of Two Lovers' Point

What can be seen from Hagåtña is the western cliffline of Guam, ending in Litekyan (Ritidian) Point.

From Hagåtña, the Oka Peninsula, with its condos, is visible, and less clear farther back is the western cliffline that ends in Litekyan (Ritidian).  Notice we cannot see Tumon or Two Lovers' Point.

A modern version of the Seal whose cliff, due to its height in relation to the shore, looks more like Two Lovers' Point.

Just to mix it up even more...

a modern version of the Seal whose jagged hilltops don't look anything at all like the straight clifflines of western Guam.

But this is another story...

But did you know that there is something historically wrong with the canoe in the Seal?

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