Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Bile' Bay
Where Malesso' and Humåtak meet

In the 1930s, a group of friends were driving in a jitney towards Malesso' after attending the Humåtak fiesta in October.

They must have had a lot of fun, maybe with the help of some "silly sauce," as they were belting out at high volume "When it's springtime in the Rockies" in the dead of night on that lonely stretch of narrow road down the hill from Toguan down to Bile' Bay at the boundary into Malesso'.

Just before they reached Malesso' the jitney turned completely around, facing the opposite direction, all on its own.

Stunned and startled, after a moment of silence, the driver put the jitney into gear and turned back in the direction of Malesso'.  But this time the whole car was silent as they proceeded on their journey.

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