Sunday, July 29, 2012


Not long after the war, some bars opened up on Guam featuring something unheard of before on island : taxi dancers.

They were not so-called because they danced on top of taxi cabs, as some think!  The name comes from the fact that, like taxis, they are hired for a certain length of time.  The longer the ride, the more you pay.  These women were paid dance partners, but the situation was rife with immoral opportunities.

The local Church was up in arms about these taxi dancer bars and it was the Christian Mothers (Nånan Kilisyåno) who put the pressure to have these bars close.

In the 1970s, when casino gambling was first considered on Guam, again it was the Christian Mothers who showed up at public hearings and called up senators to have it voted down in the Legislature.  At least one senator said, "What could I do?  These were my mom and aunties calling me up!"

Such was the might of the Christian Mothers and Chamorro mother power.

Their patron saint, Santa Ana (Saint Ann) had her feast yesterday in the Santa Ana area of Hågat.

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