Tuesday, July 31, 2012



Eståba na kumuekuentos ham yan un palao'an ni esta gai edåt diddide'.
(I was speaking with a woman who was somewhat elderly already.)

"Håfa siña hu chuli'e hao agupa para na-ta an para ta a'bisita?" hu faisen gue'.
(What shall I bring you tomorrow to eat when we visit together?" I asked her.)

"Tåya', Påle'," ilek-ña i palao'an. "Si hagå-ho dumispopone yo' håfa siña hu kånno' yan håfa ti siña hu kånno'."
("Nothing, Father," the lady said.  "My daughter decides what I can and cannot eat.")

"Kulan mohon hågo i patgon yan guiya i nana!" hu sangåne gue'.
("It's as if you're the child and she's the mother!" I told her.")

"Hunggan adei.  Ha adopta yo'!"
("Yes indeed.  She adopted me!")

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