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The municipal "elections" in 1895 involved just the principal men of the village; men who had either served or were serving in municipal positions.  They were to vote for the Gobernadorcillo, the "Little Governor" or mayor of the village.

Electors included Juan Chargualaf, Pedro Guzman, Lucas Naputi, Antonio Taijeron, Pedro Cruz, Felix Roberto, Leocadio Quinata, Jose Chargualaf, Ramon Baza, Jose Meno, Juan Warquin and Antonio Sanchez.  Quinata and Sanchez were Umatac men, but Umatac was a district of Malesso' at the time.

Also involved were the Malesso' warden Benjamin Meno and the Umatac warden Serafin Quinata.  Witnesses of the election were Antonio Cruz and Carmelo Acfalle.

Three men were nominated : Felix Roberto, Antonio Taijeron and Pedro Naputi.

As usual, the village priest, Father Crisógono Ortín, was asked his opinion, which he submitted in writing.  He endorsed Felix Roberto, whom he called "excellent," a man of "notable Spanish patriotism" (marcado españolismo).

The vote of the men, on paper ballots, was purely consultative and Manila made the selection.  Roberto got the job.


In 1895, some Hagåtña people who had moved down to Malesso' were already taking on leadership roles in Malesso', such as Pedro Guzman, Pedro Cruz, Ramon Baza, Juan Warquin and Felix Roberto.

Warquin was actually the way the Spanish spelled Watkins.  Warquin was part Chamorro, part Anglo. 

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