Tuesday, July 31, 2012

HAGÅTÑA'S ELITE IN 1900, part 2

William E. Safford, USN

In 1900, Hagåtña's elite wrote a letter of farewell to Safford, who was Secretary to the Governor, functioning like a Lieutenant Governor.  Safford was well-loved.  Able to speak Spanish, of an academic background and personally interested in many aspects of island life, he was seen as a friend by many.

Part two of those principales or leading citizens of Hagåtña who signed the letter :

Vicente Roberto Herrero - former Treasurer and prominent merchant.  Grandson of former Spanish Governor Jose Ganga Herrero.

Joaquin Cruz Perez - former Governor of Guam during a confusing transition from Spanish to American administration in 1899.  Every few months, someone temporary was Governor until the first full-fledge American Governor of Guam (Leary) arrived.  Safford was Leary's secretary.

Luis Diaz Torres - Justice of the Peace.  Brother of Juan and Jose. His wife was Padre Palomo's niece.  He served in more than one government position over the years, and was a teacher under the Spanish regime.

Jose Diaz de Torres - Court Interpreter.  Brother of Juan and Luis.

Henry Millinchamp - Government Pilot.  Millinchamp was not Chamorro, but was married to a Chamorro woman from a prominent family (the Andersons).  Millinchamp, once called "Milinchango" by a Spaniard, was part English, part Tahitian and was born in the Bonin Islands (Boninas in Spanish and Chamorro).  He later moved to Guam, where he met and married his wife.  He served in the Spanish government in several ways, especially as government pilot, in charge of directing sea traffic from Apra Harbor to the landing dock at Punta Piti.

Jose de los Santos - prominent citizen

Antonio Cruz Perez - Teniente of Hagåtña.  The teniente was second-in-command to the gobernadorcillo or mayor.  Patriarch of the Boño clan.

Demetrio Quitugua - City Clerk

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  1. Is there any familial relationship between Joaquin Cruz Perez and Antonio Cruz Perez (Bono)?