Wednesday, October 19, 2011


BASIC RULE : traditional Chamorro nicknames are derived from the END of names.

In other cultures, the nickname is taken from the BEGINNING of names.

Joseph becomes Joe.
Michael becomes Mike.
Jennifer becomes Jenny.

Or, among Filipinos :

Remedios becomes Remy.
Felicidad becomes Fely.

Modern, Americanized Chamorros do the same.  They take it from the beginning of names.

Francisco becomes Frank; Concepcion becomes Connie; Teresita becomes Terry.

But...our mañaina took it from the end of names.

Francisko becomes Kiko', from the -cisco ending.

Teresa becomes Checha, from the -esa ending.

Miguel becomes Ge', from the -guel ending.

Josefa becomes Epa', from the -efa ending.

Jose becomes Pepe, from the -se ending.

Soledad becomes Da', from the -dad ending.

Jesus become Chu', from the -sus ending.

Rosa becomes Chai, from the -sa ending.

Gregorio becomes Goro', from the -gorio ending.

Maria becomes Lia, from the -ria ending.

Antonio becomes Nono', from the -onio ending.

Remedios becomes Medo', from the -medios ending.

Joaquin becomes Kin, from the -quin ending.

Dolores becomes Lole', from the -lores ending.

Felix become Lele', from the -elix ending.

Ana becomes Nena', from the -na ending.

Tomasa becomes Bacha', from the -masa ending.


Any female name ending in -cion becomes Chong.

Concepcion, Consolacion, Asuncion are the main -cion names, but there are a few others like Anunciacion, Purificacion and so on.

Nicknames turn into new nicknames.

Josefa becomes Epa, but Epa often becomes Pai, from the -pa ending.

Joaquin becomes Kin, but Kin often becomes Kindo.

Maria sometimes becomes Mariquita/Marikita, which sometimes become Kita' or Kitalang.

Felix become Lele', but Lele' can become plain Le'.

Soledad becomes Da', but Da' often becomes Daling.

Jose becomes Pepe, but Pepe can become Peling or Pepito.

All the Chong nicknames can become Chongki'.

There are always exceptions...

Inas is the traditional nickname for Ignacio.

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