Friday, November 22, 2019


Mwar, or floral crown

This song has been recorded by others, but this one is by the group Ti Napu.

Un na' beste hao koronan flores
(You dressed yourself with a crown of flowers)
para i che'cho'-mo.
(for your work.)
Asentådo i magagu-mo.
(Your clothes were proper.)
Ma kehåye hao mismo i amigå-mo
(Your own friend told on you)
na guaha otro ya dinanche i keha
(that there was another and the grumbling was correct)
sa' un fatta hao gi halom taotao.
(because you revealed yourself in public.)

Lao bai sungon i pinadese.
(But I will endure the pain.)
Håfa yo' bai cho'gue?
(What will I do?)
Yanggen ennao disposision-mo
(If that's your decision)
ai lokkue' nene.
(oh well baby.)
Ya un dia siempre un tungo' piniti-ho
(And one day you will surely know my hurt)
ya un tånga tåtte i gimå'-mo.
(and you will want back your home.)

I trongkon åtbot annai manflores
(When the flame tree flowers)
hu hasso hao nene
(I remember you baby)
ya hu tånga hao gi fi'on-ho.
(and I want you by my side.)
I famagu'on-ta konsuelu-ho kada puenge
(Our children were my comfort each night)
an un dingu ham pot i otro na guinaiya-mo.
(when you left us for your other love.)

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