Monday, June 24, 2013


Catholics today will be celebrating the feast of the Birth of Saint John the Baptist.

Ordot parish on Guam celebrated it this past weekend, as he is their village patron.

But few remember that Sanvitores gave Guam, or Guahan, a patron saint as well, and it was Saint John the Baptist. 

The map above was printed in France, and so it says "Isle de Guahan" (Island of Guam) ou (or) "Isle St. Jean" (Saint John Island).

Chief Quipuha (Kepuha) was also baptized by Sanvitores and given the name Juan, because San Juan Bautista was the patron of the whole island.

It's not surprising that the name "San Juan" did not stick.  Even the Spaniards rarely used it when naming the island in their records.

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