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It is well known that Apolinario Mabini was exiled to Guam in early 1901.  With him were other familiar names of the Philippine nationalist movement against the United States occupation : Ricarte, who later supported the Japanese; del Pilar, Trias and others.  All told, 33 of them and 13 servants.  They were housed in a camp at Asan Point.

But less known was a second batch of Filipino political exiles.  This smaller group of 11 men arrived just a few weeks after the first, aboard the USS Solace, on February 1, 1901.  This group of men were from the Ilocos region.

They were :

Roberto Salvante
Marcelo Quintos
Jaime Morales
Gabino Domingo
Florencio Castro
Inocente Cayetano
Pedro Hernando
Pancracio Adiarte
Faustino Adiarte

and two Filipinos who decided to remain on Guam, even though they eventually could have returned to the Philippines had they wanted to :

Pancracio Palting
Leon Flores

Palting became a judge in the local court.  His son Paul served in the Guam Legislature after the war.

Flores was a teacher and lawyer.  He was the father of the first Chamorro bishop, Felixberto Camacho Flores.

Camp site of the Filipino exiles 1901-1903

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  1. Leon Flores was also a cousin of Nieves Mariano Flores, who founded and opened the first private school on Guam, the Guam Institute.