Tuesday, March 12, 2013


......someone comes to your home to try to convert you to their religion, you have no intention of changing, but you still offer them food or drink.

Most of us are Roman Catholics, but in the 1970s we saw for the first time in great numbers the Roamin' Jehovah's and the Roamin' Mormons.  Especially in the smaller villages, where nothing goes unnoticed, the missionaries knocking unsolicited on people's doors was quite a topic of conversation.

But, being Chamorro means being hospitable. 

Some people answered the door and very stoically or curtly said "no" and closed the door, or did so after saying "Sorry, but I was born and I will die in my religion."

I know of only one person, my grandmother's sister, who tried to convert the missionaries.  They soon struck her name off their visitation list.  Poor auntie.  She'd wait and wait for the missionaries but they would just pass by her house.  Maybe she should have tried the food trick to get them to stop by.

But a good number of people would listen and listen, even buy some of their literature for a few dollars, just to be polite.  And some offered the missionaries a drink or a snack.

"Sorry, I don't want to convert.
But try my empanåda!"

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