Saturday, March 2, 2013


The Jose Lujan House
Site of the Guam Institute
Guam's only private school before the war

In May, 1940, the following students graduated from Junior High level studies at the Guam Institute.  The ceremonies were held at the church hall next to the Cathedral.

Aflague, Joaquin
Aflague, Jesus T.
Bamba, Jesus M.
Benavente, Jose G.
Calvo, Angelina T.
Camacho, Carlos G.
Crisostomo, Pedro C.
Cruz, Jose M.
Diaz, Agustin T.
Flores, Jose LG
Iwatsu, Tomas S.
Leon Guerrero, Pedro M.
Lujan, Gregorio C.
Martinez, Carrie C.
Martinez, Rosa T.
Pangelinan, Emeterio
Quenga, Isabel S.
Rosa, Jose
Rosario, Lucille Marie

Recognize any names?  Many are immediately familiar.

One special one : Carlos G. Camacho.  First elected Governor of Guam (1970-1974).

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