Friday, March 29, 2013


The Siete Palabras is a Catholic devotion recalling the seven last words spoken by Jesus on the cross on Good Friday. 

Every Good Friday in the Marianas in the old days had a Siete Palabras devotion sometime after 12 noon and before 3 o'clock.

There was a hymn sang for each of the seven last words.

Refrain :

Atan isao na taotao / atan i Lahen Yu'us
(Look, sinner / look at the Son of God)
ma klåba gi kilu'us / måtai sa' umisao hao.
(nailed to the cross / He died because you sinned.)

The first verse went like this :

Tåta, asi'e, Tåta / na'tata i tiningo'-ña
(Father, have mercy, Father / his thoughts are slow)
ma'åse' ti ha gef taka / i tinaddong i isao-ña.
(mercy, he hasn't fathomed / the depth of his sin.)
Ha  na' ma puno' yo' guine / guåho ni Rai yan Yu'os-ña
(he has me killed here / me, his King and God)
Asi'e, Tåta, asi'e / ti baba i korason-ña.
(Mercy, Father, have mercy / his heart is not evil.)

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