Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The Almacén in Hagåtña 1918

What do you do when you want an American education in Guam in 1917 but are a working adult?

You scrape up a dollar and enroll in the Night School run by the Naval Government in the Almacén, an old Spanish building next to the Palåsyo.

That dollar was your tuition for the entire month.  Besides working adults who could not attend classes during working hours, the Night School was open to anyone who simply wanted more of an education, and who had the dollar to pay for it.

Jacques Schnabel, a Belgian who had married Concepcion Anderson Calvo, was Superintendent of Education at the time.

The Almacén, originally built as a warehouse, was later torn down.  All that remains are those famous three arches that were the entrance of the building.  You can see those arches at the bottom left corner of the photo above.  The Palåsyo, or Governor's Palace, is to the right. 

Can you match these arches with the ones in the picture above?

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