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A Lenten hymn sung in the Northern Marianas.  It is based on the Latin hymn "Miserere Domine populo tuo" or "Have mercy Lord on your people."


Asie Asaina asie i sengsong-mo
(Have mercy, Lord, have mercy on your people)

ya u na' fan libre
(and free them)

nu i sen guaguan hagå’-mo.
(through Your most precious blood.)


O yo'ase Y'os-ho, gai ase' nu guåho.
(O my merciful God, have mercy on me)

I dangkulon kompasion-mo
(Your great compassion)

u funas i isao-ho.
(will wipe out my sin.)

Umisao yo’ Asaina, ya hågo hu isague.
(I sinned, Lord, and I offended You.)

Gi me’nan i inatan-mo,
(In Your sight)

i linachi-ho nai hu cho’gue.
(I committed my fault.)

Linguistic Note

Songsong usually means "village" or "town." 

Cultural Note

"Pardon your people, Lord" was a major Lenten theme in traditional Catholicism.  In Spain and in Spanish-speaking countries, one of the best known Lenten hymns was "Perdona tu pueblo, Señor," meaning "Pardon your people, Lord."  It isn't surprising then that there came to be a Chamorro equivalent, though sung to a different melody.

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