Sunday, March 17, 2013


When you think of Nededog, you think of Hågat.

It is an indigenous, Chamorro name.

The Spanish were famous for spelling Chamorro names slightly different from what they sound like to us.  And it's also possible that there were differences in pronunciation among Chamorros, either because of different locations or different times.

But my suspicion is that Nededog might be na' didok.  Just as Naputi comes from na' putiNa' means "to make."  Didok means "deep."  In the Spanish record, Nededog was spelled in a variety of ways. 

It's not a very big clan, but there's been one senator in Guam history who was a Nededog, back in the days when they were called congressmen - Jose Charfauros Nededog of Hågat.  He was a member of the 4th Guam Legislature.  And there's been a Sister of Notre Dame and principal of Saint Francis School, Yoña - Sister Marsha Nededog.  They can all trace their roots to one of the following people found in the 1897 Census :

Ignacio Nededog, who married Ramona Taeñao.  Both last names are indigenous Chamorro, so this family has a lot of indigenous blood.

Maria Nededog, who wasn't married in 1897 but had children out of wedlock who carried the name Nededog.

Andres San Nicolas Nededog, who wasn't married in 1897 but perhaps married later and may have fathered children.


  1. Pale
    Could you tell me what kind of name is Merfalen, the family from Sinajana? There is only 1 family. Where did the name come from?

    1. I will eventually do a post on the Merfalens but the name is actually originally from Aniguak. And it is Chamorro.

  2. Can you try and help me look up my last name. Today it is spelled and pronounced "TRELTAS." But when I looked it up at UOG I found "TREGTAS." That's how the elders still pronounce it. Maybe the origin would help. Thanks.

  3. Treltas has been identified as a Frenchman who came to Guam and decided to stay. I will do more research on it when I return from off-island in December. Yes, our man amko pronounced it Trektas because in our language we don't have L before another consonant. We changed the Spanish CALMA (calm) to KATMA. Since the L in Treltas is before a T, we changed the L to a K or hard G.