Wednesday, April 17, 2013


TOLLAI : bridge

Filipinos say tulay and we say tollai.  I can see a bridge somewhere there.

This newsletter uses the word tollai in its name.  The definite article "i" ("the") changes the pronunciation of the word tollai.  The O in tollai is changed to E.

We see this in other words with an O in the beginning of the word, such as :

OKSO (hill, mountain) becomes I EKSO.

TOMMO (knee) becomes I TEMMO.

TO'LANG (bone) becomes I TE'LANG.

It's not just the definite article but any preceding word with an I in it, such as "gi."  "Gi" means "at, in."

GI TELLAI.  At/on the bridge.

NI TELLAI.  Of the bridge.

But this rule doesn't apply in every single case of an initial O.  For example :

BOTE (boat) remains I BOTE, not "i bete."

KORONA (crown) remains I KORONA, not "i kerona."

The Spanish Bridge at Sella Bay

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