Monday, April 29, 2013


It's always good to see signs in Chamorro.

But this is another example of using a glota where it is not needed.

We seem to think : the more glotas, the more Cha'mo'rro'.

Remember that the glota is a glottal stop.  A glottal stop is a closing of the back of the throat, at the place indicated in the depiction below.

Basically, you choke.  If you don't hear a choke in the word, you don't need a glota.

The Chamorro word for "pull" is pronounced HÅL - LA.  No choking.

Notice we kind of hang around on the L sound.  We don't say HÅ then LA.  We say HÅL then LA.  So I put two L's there to indicate that.

On another matter, the two A's in hålla are not the same sound.

The first A is rounded, like the English sound made in AW.  Thus the little circle is placed above that A to indicate that sound. Å.

The 2nd A is flat, like the English sound made in Alabama.

Well, at least I give them credit for not putting a glota after a consonant, as in hal'a.  There's no way you can close the back of the throat after a consonant.

So, in the end, I would have spelled it HÅLLA.  Pull.

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