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Taimanglo is an indigenous Chamorro name.

Tai = without, lacking

Månglo' = wind

This is one of those Chamorro names that makes one wonder what our ancestors were thinking when they came up with names.

You may remember that, before they became Christians, Chamorros had just one name.  Some scholars state that even this one name could be changed, depending on some important event in someone's life.

Many Chamorro names have a negative (as we see it today) connotation.  Tai (without), Chat (defective), Tat (Never).  The Spaniards spelled it Char as in Chargualaf and Charfauros; and Ted or Ter as in Tedtaotao and Terlaje.

There are Taimanglos found in Humåtak, Inalåhan and Hagåtña in the 1897 Census, but it seems that Sinajaña is where many of them lived, especially of the Fegurgur Taimanglo clan.

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    My name is Alfred Flores and I'm a PhD Candidate in the Dept of History at the University of CA, Los Angeles. I am currently on Guam conducting research for my dissertation on the history of Tiyan and Naval Air Station, Agana. I was wondering if we could talk or correspond on any possible suggestions you might have for my project. Specifically, I would like to interview Tiyan landowners past/present and Chamorros and Filipinos who worked at NAS from the 1940s-1960s. My contact info is email: and guam phone: 988-5709. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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  2. Hafa Adai Alfred. Am traveling at the moment but will get back to you soon. Glad to help.