Monday, April 8, 2013


Part of a Chamorro sermon written in 1873 by a Spanish Recollect priest on Guam :

An måtai håye, ya gef gåsgås ha' i anti-ña, u hungok este na sentensian Jesukristo : "Maila', bendito ni i Tatå-ho, hålom gi minagof i Saina-mo."  An ta chuchule' mohon håf na pedåson lulok ya ta na' hålom gue' gi guafe, ta lili'e na ma fa' kalan guåfe ha', ya kåsi ti ma distingge ni i mismo na guåfe, sa' sen figan i lilok.  Pues taiguennao u fan gaige i anti-ta gi as Yu'us, sa' u fan gaige man bula ni i todo na iyon Yu'us.  U ta li'e si Yu'us man a'afana', ya taiguihe i Guiya gue'; u ta li'e ya u ta tungo' klåroro todo i misteriu-ña siha; håf mina' ha na' huyong todo gine i taya'; i taihinekkok na minaulek-ña annai ha poksai hit; i gine'fli'e'-ña yan i piniti-ña nu hita annai ha na' fan libre hit; i gråsia siha ni i ha nå'e hit para u ta na' fan gånna ni i todo na tentasion yan desgråsia gi hilo' i tano'; i taihinekkok na mina'ase'-ña nu hita annai ha po'lo i sakramenton-ña siha para i suette-ta, i fottunå-ta yan i dinichosu-ta.

Translation anyone?

I'll post my translation of this in a day or two....


  1. When one dies with a clean Soul they will hear this sentence from Christ Jesus: "Come, blessed of my Father, and enter into the joy of your Lord". If we take any piece of metal and plunge it into a fire, we see that it becomes fire-like, and it becomes hard to distinguish it from the fire, for the metal is so hot. Therefore, so should our souls be as unto God, filled with all godliness. We will see God face-to-face, as He is, as will clearly behold His mysteries; why he brought forth the world out of nothingness, His infinite goodness in bringing us into being, His Joys and sufferings in liberating us, the graces he bestows upon us to give us victory over the temptations and disgraces of this world; of His infinite mercy with us, when He instituted His Sacraments for our benefit, our treasure, and our happiness.

  2. Here is what another reader's rendering : When we die, we who are pure in spirit will hear his voice. “come, you who are blessed by my Father, enter into God's joy/happiness.” When we take a piece of nail and put it through the fire, we only see fire. We are not able to see the nail because of the scorching heat. Our spirit also must be as such before God. We must come before him filled with Christ’s spirit. If we are like him, we can see God and we will then have a clear understanding of Christ’s mysteries. He who goes forth without himself (?), shall be raised into everlasting life. God’s love and suffering has set us free. He gave us to endure temptation and disgrace while on earth. Because of his everlasting mercy, he sacrificed himself so we may have our freedom, our wealth and our faithfulness.