Thursday, March 23, 2017


Luta. February 13, 1948

A stateside man by the name of Alvarez was in the mood for some fun while stationed on Luta. But he needed a car. Pretending to be on some official mission, he managed to get the keys of the jeep reserved for the use of Luta's teachers. Then the fun began.

He picked up some booze and a young lady, whose name I will omit in the event that she is still alive, or her family comes after me for telling the story!

Off they went of a joy ride. The "joy" was aided by the ample amounts of liquor that now filled and inebriated said driver Alvarez. The Chamorro lady told police later that Alvarez would even let go of the steering wheel at full speed.

Well, as would happen on Luta in 1948, Alvarez suddenly came upon a bull cart. He had no time to react safely. Swerving in order to miss the bull and cart, Alvarez went off the road and into a ditch head first. The front of the jeep was badly damaged, up to the springs behind the front wheels. The jeep was unable to operate after that.

More than that, the young Chamorro lady went flying into the air when the jeep fell into the ditch. She, too, was badly injured when she came down from the air. Alvarez, it seems, was not seriously hurt.

In time, both jeep and young lady were repaired.

Source : Pregonero

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