Friday, March 10, 2017


I wish I knew who was the composer. I heard it was originally sung in Tinian. But the San Dimas Voices in Faith choir (Malesso') recorded it and made it known more widely.



Asaina ti hu tungo', 
håfa bai hu sångan.
Lao hågu ha' solo, solo para guåhu.
Gaige hao gi sanhalom-hu,
Magof yu' bai tungo'
Na patgon-mu yu',  unu gi patgon Yu'us.

Ya bai onra håo,  Yu'us bai onra håo.
Ya bai adora håo, todu i tiempo.
Ya bai onra håo,  Yu'us bai onra håo.
Ya bai adora håo,  para taihinekkok.

English :

Lord I do not know,
what to say.
But you alone, you alone are for me.
You are within me,
I am happy to know
that I am your child, a child of God.

And I will honor you, God, I will honor you.
And I will adore you, at all times.
And I will honor you, God, I will honor you,
And I will adore you, forever.


  1. Buenas Pale' Eric,
    We sing this song in Tinian but the first recording I heard of it is from a great acoustic recording from Saipan called "Hanom Lina'la'" featuring Alex Falig of the Saipan Band "Max & Alex" - Alex and the Late Max Pangelinan. I don't know who was the composer but the San Dimas choir did a great job recording it... Actually, the whole San Dimas CD is great, especially the "Tatan-Mami" which we sing with our Man Amko' Choir at San Jose Church, Tinian. I hope this helps. Memorias para hagu yan I familia guenao giya' Guahan.

  2. Thank you to each and everyone of you who have put so much heartfelt effort into this wonderful project. Your music is full of inspiration and joy. Si yuus maase para todos hamyu