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To understand this hymn, we need to be familiar with the Seven Sorrows and Joys of Saint Joseph. The story comes to us partly from the Bible and partly from ancient tradition.


1. Joseph is distraught when he finds out that the Virgin he is to marry is pregnant and he knows he is not the father.

1. Joseph rejoices when the Angel tells him that the Virgin has conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit.

2. Joseph is distraught seeing the Child born in such poverty in a cave and stable for animals.

2. Joseph rejoices when he sees the angels sing the praises of the Infant.

3. Joseph is distraught seeing blood flow from the Child at his circumcision.

3. Joseph rejoices when hearing the name of the Child, Jesus, which means "God saves."

4. Joseph is distraught hearing the prophecy of Simeon about the future suffering of the Child.

4. Joseph rejoices when he hears how the Child will save many souls through His suffering.

5. Joseph is distraught having to take the family and flee to Egypt, a foreign land.

5. Joseph rejoices seeing the false idols of Egypt fall and break in pieces before the Child.

6. Joseph is distraught being told to return home, fearing the anger of King Archelaus.

6. Joseph rejoices when he is warned in a dream and settles in Galilee.

7. Joseph is distraught when Jesus is lost in the temple.

7. Joseph rejoices when Jesus is found in the temple.

Now the hymn....


1. Ha na' gos pinite hao i un li'e' na ma potge' i Bithen ginefli'e';
(It pained you truly when you saw the beloved Virgin pregnant;)
lao i ñinangon i anghet nu hågo ånte yan korason-mo ha na' magof :
(but the inspiration to you by the angel made you happy in soul and heart :)

Gef adahe, San Jose, i bidå-ho, på'go yan i oran i finatai-ho.
(Watch over my life, Saint Joseph, now and at the hour of my death.)

2. Si Jose tumåtanges kalan tåta annai numiño Yu'us i Saina-ta;
(Saint Joseph wept like a father when God our Lord became a child;)
lao mina'magof nu i anghet siha yan i man mames na tininan-ñiha.
(but he rejoiced at the angels and their sweet praises.)

3. Nina' kasao si Jose nu i haga' ni ma chuda' gi liyan sagan gå'ga';
(Saint Joseph cried at the blood which spilled in the cave and animal shelter;)
lao an ha sångan Jesus i pachot-ña nina' inekte nu i minagof-ña.
(but when his mouth said Jesus he was filled with joy.)

4. Ti sangånon yuhe i pinadese annai si Jesus påtgon ma ofrese;
(The sorrow was unspeakable when the Child Jesus was offered;)
i asaguå-mo as Santa Maria inadotgåne se'se' yan masia.
(your spouse, the Virgin Mary, was pierced with a knife.)

5. Må'pos hao ma dulalak gi tano'-mo ya ma chiget i såntos korason-mo;
(You fled exiled from your land and your holy heart was crushed;
lao meggai guihe gi man gi Ehipto ha guaiya hamyo yan si Jesukristo.
(but many Egyptians loved you and Christ.)

6. Ma sangåne hao Jose gi maigo'-mo na on ta'lo hao guato gi tano'-mo;
(You were told, Joseph, in your sleep to return to your country;)
i na minagof i humuyong ayo annai man måtto i tres giya hamyo.
(what joy came about there when the three arrived there.)

7. Katna måtai hao Jose, Sainan Yu'us, annai ha' man adingo yan si Jesus;
(You almost died, Joseph, parent of God, when you and Jesus parted;)
Jose Patriatka hame un gagågue; yan si Maria hamyo ham in sague.
(Patriarch Joseph, pray for us; you and Mary, protect us.)


Gos. Another form of the word gof.

Ñangon. Discreet communication, such as whispering. Thus it can also mean inspiration, such as privately comes to one person.

Okte. To be filled with.

Yuhe. There.

Adotgan. To pierce.

Masia. Mystery word! Not found in any dictionary I can find.

Chiget. Literally means to be pinched in.

On. Another form of the pronoun un.


Påle' Román translated this hymn into Chamorro from the original Basque hymn. The Basques are an ethnic group in north-central Spain (and southwest France) with their own language. Påle' Román was Basque.

The original Basque hymn
"Jose Deunaren atsekabe-atsegiñak"

GRATEFUL THANKS to Lawrence Borja for playing the hymn and for background information.

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